Hi, I'm Shane.

I write stuff, record stuff, make stuff, and teach stuff.

I am a big nerd.

Congratulations, You Found Me!

Hello there, you wonderful human being. You've located my little corner of the virtual universe. I strive to make my online presence easy to locate as there is no use hiding these days. But let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

The most likely reason you are here is you've read one of my books (thank you, by the way!) or you're doing what many people do after they have met someone out in the wild - they return home and Google them. We're all become Internet stalkers from time to time and I want you to know who I am.

Don't be ashamed. We all do it. If we find someone interesting, naturally we would like to know more about them. The only difference here is I make it easy for you. Like the One Ring, I want to be found.

So... there you have it. What would you like to know?

Web Technology

I built my first website in 1993. It was very basic since web browser technology was simpler back then - but, for me, it was a "duck to water" moment. I recognized right away that I had a talent for something nerdy and cool. It saw the "big picture" and what the Internet could be used for. Jump ahead quite a few years and I now specialize in online CRM platforms. Drupal and WordPress work for most jobs but there are always others. My main addition and passion is helping people turn their creative ideas into digital bits.


I did my first installation of Drupal back in 2004. I learned a lot about how data structures work, how to interact with databases, and how open source software was going to change the Internet. I still use Drupal today and it is the best platform for anyone serious about building a website.


I also have built websites using the WordPress platform. WordPress may not be as feature rich as Drupal but it still a popular platform and is useful for quicker website builds that are not going to scale a whole lot over their lifetime.


I have written, co-written, and ghost written a bunch of books over the years. Creating content for the Internet is a hard job and I like showing people how it is possible to turn their ideas into online content.

The Vlogger's Handbook

My latest book was published in September 2019.

This is another book that the cool people at The Quarto Group helped me to make a reality.

This book is about how young people can become vloggers - but with safety in mind.


"A great book to teach how to vlog step by step and plan! Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get started and plan out there first vlogs."

~ Amazon Review

"What an awesome book on how to vlog that goes so in depth. It has so much information that is explained so well. I am planning on starting a YouTube channel and this book has it all to prepare for that. A really interesting book that just about something cool to learn. "

~ Goodreads Review

How to Be a Blogger & Vlogger in 10 Easy Lessons

This book was published in May 2016 by some amazing people at The Quarto Group. I was thrilled when they asked me to write a book for kids. It took quite a bit of effort because writing for a younger audience requires


"...practical-minded introduction to blogging and vlogging... a positive, can-do message."

~ Publishers Weekly

The lessons are taught in the best kind of way: the way that will get kids to listen. A handy and helpful guide for any aspiring web user."

~ Kirkus Reviews

"...will take students from idea to execution and completion."

~ School Library Journal

Blogging For Dummies (The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Editions)

I worked on three editions of Blogging For Dummies with a good friend of mine, Susannah Gardner. It was quite the journey putting these books together because each time we did one the technology had changed so fast!


"This book provided me with the essentials of getting started with a professional blog but it goes beyond that. I am able to go back to it over and over as I learn and gain experience. It is clearly written and very easy to follow."

~ Amazon Review


I have been podcasting since before it was cool. My very first published podcast was back in 2005. Things have changed so much since then. The podcasts listed are a small selection of the shoes I have been involved with or am currently involved with.


I have vlogged off and on over the last decade. I blabber in front of a camera about a variety of subjects -- but then in 2015, a few friends suggested we drink beer and talk about stuff. Thus was born The Crafty Boys. We vlog every week and review beer. It is a thing and we have fun doing it.

Get In Touch

If you think you may want to work with me or have a chat about a cool new project, the best way to contact me is though my email address. Contacting me via one of my social media channels will have delayed responses as I only check them once a week.

I've been told that I am approachable and pretty darn cool.

[email protected] • 778-386-7220